Photo Ministry

Digital photos of our various CBCGH events and ministries’ & fellowships’ activities can be found at our Church’s website for your viewing and sharing of the photos.

In addition, further info & LOTS of photos, even videos, can now be found at our social media website on Facebook ( ) maintained by diligent members from our Cantonese (-speaking) Ministry (CM). Online sermons – from our Mandarin (-speaking) Congregation (MM) & CM – & other media, podcasts, hymns, other resources, including CBCGH weekly bulletins, can be found at:

Please SUBMIT your pictures & videos to our ministry leaders & Deacons for future posting -or- you can submit (via e-mail) your CBCGH-related digital photos to our Church photographers for possible inclusion into our church photo website(s). When forwarding photos, please include a brief description of the event/gathering and when the event occurred – including the names of the folks in your photos is most helpful.

Leader: Barry Luke