Mission Committee

We gave our thankful hearts to our Lord who allowed us to serve and learn how to be a faithful servant to Him. Through our services, we were able to witness God’s miraculous guidance.

Leader: Lily Chuang

We wrapped up the year of 2018 with many memorable events and highlights. We give thanks to our Lord who allowed us serving Him and also learn how to be a faithful servant to Him. Through our services, we were able to witness God’s miraculous guidance throughout this year.

1) Tricia Wong, Gabby Ger, Travis Wong, James Leung and Will Meng all attended the Serveup at Barton Rouge, LA in March (3/9-3/18). The hurricanes in 2016 damaged and flooded the majority of the city, leaving over 11,000 people having to seek shelter. The aftermath can still be seen as families and neighborhoods had to abandon their homes due to the destruction. The purpose of this trip is to help rebuild the homes. More than the community services, Serveup also provides non-Christians to learn about the gospel and Jesus, as well as giving Christians opportunities to grow in their faith or minister to their non-Christian friends. The group consisted of 50% Christian believer and 50% non-believers.

2) Andy Liu, Rachel Wang, Xiang Bing (Jeff) Chen, Jun Wang and Lily Chuang with other 23 brothers and sisters from other churches (from USA and Canada) joined the 2018 COCM Easter Camp short term mission (3/27-4/3) in Milton Keynes。 The theme this year is: Boldly Move Forward. There are about 140 students attending. Each year we witness God amazing work that many students are converted and many dedicated their life to serve Him full time.

3) The Hartford Project took place this July. Many young people and parents from CBCGH attended. It is an annual short-term mission opportunity for our church’s young people to participate in helping the inner city needs, such as for the homeless people.

4) Kola wrapped up his work at YWAM this May in Taiwan and returned to the States. He helped CBCGH as an intern this summer in the English ministry. Now he is at Gordon Conwell Seminary pursuing his study for the MDIV degree while Olivia and the kids are in Taiwan.

5) CBCGH participated the Dragon Boat festival on 8/20/18 in the Riverfront Capture. We have a booth there to give out tracks and balloons. Many volunteers from Mandarin Ministry, English ministry and Cantonese ministry donated their Saturdays to help out. Joyce Wong from Intervarsity helped train the CBCGH volunteers how to share gospel with non-Christians.

6) Joe Rao and May Chu decided to plant a church for Chinese speaking young professionals in London after finishing up their term with COCM in September. They witnessed God’s guidance in this decision. Mission Committee recently learned that May Chu has suffered tremendous pain in her abdomen area. The MRI report has been ordered completed. Doctors have confirmed that she will need a surgery to remove the tumor. It has been causing pressure on other organs and resulted in the pain. It is also believed this tumor may not be malignant at the present time. They have performed the pre-surgery assessment. It is expected that surgery will take place on January 8, 2019. Meanwhile, they are going through the church planting trainings. Please keep them in your prayers. May the Lord give them top physical condition to serve Him faithfully in London.

7) CBCGH Mission Committee invited Rev. Joseph Wong as our speaker this year for the October Mission Conference (October 5-October 7). He shared his humble experience as a missionary in Niger. Now he serves in SIM advocating the spreading he good to the Muslims through the short-term mission trip to the silk road. Many people are deeply touched by his sharing of his failures, but had to rely on the almighty God.

8) There are 15 young people (adults and college students) from our church attending the Urbana 2018 Student Mission Conference. This amazing event is to be held during 12/27/18-1/1/19 in St. Louis, Mi. It is estimated that there will be around 16,000 people attending. This year’s theme is” faithful Witness”. These wonderful young people from our church are: Lydia Yu, Tricia Wong, Travis Wong, James Leung, Emily Shen, Julie Dong, Angel Wu, Luke Blough, Briana Cheng, Joseph Chiu, Anna Pan, Sharon Fong, Grace Huang, Will Meng and Cindy Chen. The mission committee is greatly encouraged by them and will continue supporting their participation to follow the Great Commission. The mission committee is very grateful to the dedicated teaching, love and caring given to them. May these youth and young people continue to grow to be faithful leaders of His Kingdom and spread the gospel to every corner of this world.