Mandarin Ministry (MM), under the leadership of Paster Kaiyuan Ger participates in Sunday Service and the Prayer Service on Wednesday evening. MM has been growing spiritually and numerically, which is the work of Jesus we are witnessing.

Combined Sunday Service10:00am-11:15am Sanctuary
2019 date of combined service:
Sunday Service10:00am-11:15am Sanctuary
Prayer ServiceWed 7:30pm003
Sunday School11:30am-12:15pmClick
Bible StudyFri 7:30-9:30pmAs follows

Various fellowships are also arranged to the needs of each age group as follows:

Agape fellowship hopes to serve the young professionals in the Hartford area. Study the Bible and explore topics such as work, friends, and marriage in the truth of Christ. The members of the fellowship are mainly young brothers and sisters and friends, suitable for young brethren, sisters and friends including single or young families. There are occasional meetings, such as: tourism, outdoor activities and dinners. The party is aimed at the immediate needs of young people. We have a very close and mature team of co-workers. We have three devotion groups that meet two to three times a week using Google hangout to pray, study scripture, and to keep each other accountable. God continues to bring both committed Christians and dedicated seekers to our group. We thank the Lord for the love, grace, and conservatism he has for many years.

Leader: Yutung Chang
Location: Small Chapel
Share experiences, support each other. Members of the fellowship are mainly older brothers, sisters and friends. Suitable for older brothers, sisters and friends. There are irregular meetings, including outdoor activities and dinners. In the truth of Christ, we will explore how to “although the old leaves are evergreen.” Brothers and sisters take turns to participate in the Bible study, learning both God’s words and practicing service.

Jia Jia Le
Leader: Xu Zhang
Location: 019
Jia-Jia-Le fellowship is blessed by the abundant grace of our Lord over the past year. Through studying Bible, sharing, helping and praying for each other, each family has different level of growth. As for the Bible study, we have been studying Romans. Through the discussions brothers and sisters love the Word of God even more. We devote the third Friday night of every month for studying on marriage, family, and parenting. We invited both brothers and sisters of our church and pastors of other organizations leading this study. We circulate prayer requests and share God’s Word through email and Jia-Jia-Le Weixin daily among brothers and sisters in the fellowship to encourage experiencing God’s grace through prayers. Jia-Jia-Le coworkers are divided into 2 groups, I.e., the east CT River group and the west CT river group, for helping the nearby needy brothers, sisters, and seekers. Jia-Jia-Le fellowship hosted the spring tour, summer picnic, and the Jia-Jia-Le Fellowship’s Thanksgiving party. These activities and events help us understanding each other better and our spiritual growth as well.

Leader: Andy Liu
Location: 011, Sunday 11:30am-12:15pm
For overseas Chinese working in restaurants, they preach the gospel of Christ and help them live a beautiful life. Content includes Bible studies, prayers, life testimony sharing, and mutual care. After the Sunday Service, they study God’s words together, sharing, caring and intercessing with each other. We also continue to study spiritual Bibles every week. Through devotional discussion of the Word of God, there are also spiritual guidance from our predecessors. Let us further understand the Word of God, and let us believe that this one is true and alive. God.

Home Away from Home (HAH)
Leader: Jinxue Shao and Chao Huang
Location: 029
Praise the Lord for His lead and guidance for Home Away from Home (HAH) student fellowship through the year. Although every year we had students graduated and moved out of Connecticut, but God promptly sent us more new students to the church. Glory to the Lord, for He has shown us once again the power of His Word. On August 28th, more than 60 students attended our annual new student welcome activity. In the first few weeks, HAH fellowship prepared a series of biblical special topics to introduce bible and Jesus Christ to new students. Now we are studying book of Matthew on Friday evenings and more than 20 people are regularly attending the Bible Study. We have also organized a few outdoor activities to build up our relationship with new students: The Adventure Park, BBQ, Ski Trip, etc. This year, we have prepared goodie bags to give to students during their final week. We greatly appreciate brothers and sisters from other fellowships to support HAH by preparing delicious dinner to attract students to come to church. We have encouraged all baptized students to serve in the fellowship and encouraged them to lead bible study and small group discussions after training. We have started 5 bible study/devotion groups during weekdays with 1-2 students each group. We continue to discipleship students who are willing to have a stronger relationship with Lord. Our goal is to prepare their heart to serve Lord in His house in the future. Please continue to pray for HAH that more students will come and seek for God’s words, and co-workers have the wisdom and strength from above to support the students. May Lord let students experience Him in the fellowship, church and their life, and become a follower of Him before going back to China.

Leader: Monika
Location: 020, Tuesday 9:30am-12:30pm
Brothers and sisters participate in the bible study during the week. The date of the meeting is determined by the date of the class in the public school. Therefore, the annual plan is arranged according to a school year. All activities are suspended during summer vacation, spring break and winter holidays. General meeting content includes singing, watching videos, group discussions and prayers. Thank God for His grace. Let this group of lovely brethren and sisters excite each other and support each other.

Psalm 133:1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!

Leader: Yanbing and Sharon Wang
Location: 018
It has been more than six years since Lord established Joshua Fellowship at CBCGH. Last year is a year of steady growth and team building. Our nine families deepened our bonding and fellowship. We finished ACTS and start a new journey into GENESIS. We spent a lot of time together learning and discussing how to read Bible and how to lead Bible study. We usually have 10-15 people attend Friday Bible Study, with 10 of us serving as discussion leaders regularly. The weekly group study of His Words has become a highlight in our spiritual lives. Nearly all our members stepped out of the fellowship and served in the church, such as Sunday Worship (praise leader, usher, bulletin, projector, and snack), Building Ministry (fundraising, moving, and purchasing), Children’s Ministry(teachers and admin team), Friday Bible study (praise leaders, AWANA), Adult Sunday School and NECCC. Often we serve together as a Joshua team. Through serving and regular coworker meetings, a coworker team was established, in which we support and encourage each other and share fellowship in Christ. It became clearer to many of us the vision from God, that is to transform and build up Christian families to serve Him. “But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24: 15)

Leader: Yan Dong
Location: 020
Edify Bible Study Group is formed by more than a dozen christian’s and seeker’s families in our church, we get together every Friday evening at the church, read Bible, share our spiritual walk and encourage each other. Last year we had studied Books Acts and Ephesians. We are not only seeking God’s words but also emphasize on how to live our daily life from Him. Thanks our Lord’s grace and guidance, many our group members are working with others to serve the Lord in the church ministries. Brothers and sisters in our group often communicate, pray, care and visit each other. We also get together outside the church few times a year during major holidays for family and fall outdoor activities. We organized two small disciple training groups and finished the 16 training classes last year. “Colossians 1:28 He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.” is still our group’s goal. May God bestow us the needed wisdom and strength, bless us to have a solid foundation, may the life of Christ grow in us more and more.

Faith, Hope and Love Brothers
Leader: Yuqi Wang
The brethren learned mainly about David Pawson’s “Men for God” series, and organized activities such as outings and picnics. These activities strengthened the communication and understanding among brothers across the fellowship groups, helped the brothers and brothers to grow together in love, increase brotherhood, and unite with Christ. We thank God for giving our brethren the strength to let the ungodly brethren willing to speak their own testimony. We saw the glory of God in our brethren’s testimony. Our brethren will increase their practice activities on the basis of studying and witnessing in the past. We need not only to learn Christ but also to live Christ. Bravely take on your responsibilities in the family and the church and do salt for the Lord!