Praise the Lord for His lead and guidance for Home Away from Home (HAH) student fellowship through the year. Although every year we had students graduated and moved out of Connecticut, but God promptly sent us more new students to the church. Glory to the Lord, for He has shown us once again the power of His Word. On August 28th, more than 60 students attended our annual new student welcome activity. In the first few weeks, HAH fellowship prepared a series of biblical special topics to introduce bible and Jesus Christ to new students. Now we are studying book of Matthew on Friday evenings and more than 20 people are regularly attending the Bible Study. We have also organized a few outdoor activities to build up our relationship with new students: The Adventure Park, BBQ, Ski Trip, etc. This year, we have prepared goodie bags to give to students during their final week. We greatly appreciate brothers and sisters from other fellowships to support HAH by preparing delicious dinner to attract students to come to church. We have encouraged all baptized students to serve in the fellowship and encouraged them to lead bible study and small group discussions after training. We have started 5 bible study/devotion groups during weekdays with 1-2 students each group. We continue to discipleship students who are willing to have a stronger relationship with Lord. Our goal is to prepare their heart to serve Lord in His house in the future. Please continue to pray for HAH that more students will come and seek for God’s words, and co-workers have the wisdom and strength from above to support the students. May Lord let students experience Him in the fellowship, church and their life, and become a follower of Him before going back to China.

Leader: Jinxue Shao and Chao Huang