DECEMBER 24, 2015 Christmas Candle Lit Service

2015-12-18, Christmas Celebration

DECEMBER 20, 2015 Christmas Service

DECEMBER 2, 2015
Join us for A Christmas Celebration Night
三堂聯合歡樂晚會聖誕慶祝定於 12 月 18 日(星期五)晚上 7 時半在大禮堂舉行,廣東堂將獻唱詩歌,請參與獻唱及邀請親友一同慶祝。詳情請向梁咏恩查詢。
Combined Christmas Fun Night will be held on Friday 12/18 at 7:30pm at the main sanctuary. CSC will present a song; if you want to join the presentation, please contact Steve Leung. Please plan to invite your loved ones to celebrate Christmas together.

NOVEMBER 23, 2015 Thanksgiving Service and Baptisms

NOVEMBER 21, 2015 CSC Thanksgiving celebration dinner
廣東堂感恩節聚餐將於 11/21星期六下午West Middle Turnpike, Manchester CT 06040)舉行,請邀請親友參加。報名詳情請向 Jennifer Leung 查詢。
CSC Thanksgiving celebration dinner will be held on Saturday 11/21 at 4pm at Royal Buffet (410 West Middle Turnpike, Manchester CT 06040), please invite friends and family to join. Please contact Jennifer Leung for details.

2015-03-15 Pastor Kaiyuan Ger