12/19/10 Pre Christmas
Combined pre-Christmas Service
Photo Ministry, Dan Hseuh

Christmas Service 2010
Photographed by P. Koo

Thanksgiving Service 2010
Photographed by P. Koo

Pastor Installation Service 2010
Photographed by Danny

Combined Baptismal Service Oct 2010
Congratulations to the 11 brothers and sisters who publicly displayed their faith through baptism! God’s message regarding baptism and faith to the congregation was wonderful and inspirational. Thank the Lord for showing through example the meaning of baptism!
Photographed by P. Koo

2010-10-03 CBCGH Missions Sunday
MSC & CSC Combined Worship Service with a guest speaker, Elder Yu, from a Rutgers, NJ Chinese Church speaking about MISSIONS. ESC Worship Service’s guest speaker was Rev. Pat Cate. Following Sunday Worship Services, the CBCGH Missions Committee held a special presentation on CBCGH Short Term Missions in 2010. Thanks to God for ALL who traveled, participated, supported, and prayed for our various Missions Teams 2010!Also random photos of our Children’s Ministry SINGING, led by Auntie Joanna, as well as class photos of our TODDLERS and pics from the NURSERY!In His strength and wisdom, — Photographer, Barry

Children’s Ministry Service 2010
Thank God for all the children! It was a great service! Thank you PT for the wonderful message!
Photographed by P. Koo

Prayer Service 2010
Thank you Lord for all of the sincere prayers. It was an uplifting experience. May God continue to guide our church in making the right decisions!
Photographed by P. Koo

Easter Service & Baptism 2010
We celebrated Christ being raised on the third day! We definitely learned from Pastor Francis’ message that Christ’s resurrection is vital to our faith. Congratulations to the 8 followers of Christ who publicly displayed their faith by baptism!
Photographed by P. Koo