Pictures from Photos
Here are my shots on the great 2007 Christmas Show. Thanks.

2007 CBCGH Christmas Celebration
Hi all, Here are the photos that I took that I would like to share. I apologize for not having a photo of the introduction and Children’s choir number. The performances were great! It’s wonderful to see so many fellow believers come to celebrate Christ’s birth. Please take a look at other photographer’s albums. Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sep 30, 2007 Farewell DINNER to Roger & Helen Ju
Roger/Helen — We had a delightful dinner and even better fellowship conversations! Wishing you all the best in your new business/career opportunity in China! We will keep you and Helen in our prayers. Even better, you are only a “local” call away or a “free” internet call using!
May our Lord’s protection and blessings always be with you – in your travels and in your new home in Shanghai… And may you be a shining lamp for Him!
Always in His peace and strength… BnT/photo ministry

Sep 21, 2007 Baptism
These are some photos from 9/21 (Friday) Baptism ceremony. Congratulations to all those newly borned ppl 🙂

Sep 2007 CBCGH Baptism Ceremony
Wonderful Baptism. It was inspiring to see so many people demonstrating their faith to the Lord. Here are some photos of that night’s ceremony. Please look at Zhen’s album for some baptism action. Enjoy!

Pictures from Photos
Here are my views of 2007 Variety Show in our church.

May 2007 Variety Show Fundraising – BPL
These are my photos of our church Variety Show Fundraising event!! Please also see photos taken by Zhou (ZZ) and Patrick (PK) as well…. We hope you continue to pray and support our church and the building fundraising… In His grace, Barry

2007 Variety Show by PK
Here’s a collection of photos from my viewpoint. Feel free to browse and print from the album. Thank God for success in putting this show together for the chuch family. Enjoy! -Patrick

Variety Show Pictures from Zhen
Finaly I found the right account info to log on and share photos in the right way. Thanks to May and Barry for your time and help.

CBCGH Easter/April 2007 Celebration & Baptisms!
Congratulations to the many who put their faith in Jesus Christ by testifying and sharing their faith through BAPTISM!

2007-April-06 Good Friday Combined Worship Program
Mandarin, Cantonese, and English-speaking congregations! As the adults and youths in the main sanctuary upstairs remember our Lord’s great sacrifice for us, the children ministry programs continue downstairs!

CBCGH – Mar2007 – Building Fund Raising Auction & Dinner
Through love, faith, and hope… “UNITED WE BUILD; TOGETHER WE GROW”… We come together as THREE congregations – MSC, CSC, and ESC – uplifting one another, encouraging another, demonstrating love and humility… serving one another… as we raise funds for our future worship home of CBCGH… but always in His will, in His time…

CBCGH 2006-12 Christmas Baptisms
Joyous Congratulations to those who put their faith and hope i our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ!

May the warm, loving embrace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, keep you and protect you and all whom you care for during this festive season… Wishing all a new year full of His blessings… and always His peace…