Agape is the name of the young professionals’ Christian fellowship group at CBCGH. It mostly consists of Chinese immigrants who have recently entered the work force. There are about 30 people in our group. Some of us are single, some just married, while others have young children. We also have mature Christians in their mid 40-60’s who guide us in our walk with God. The group consists people at various points of their faith journey- we welcome season Christians as well as seekers. Our mission is to grow with one another in God’s love. We participate in a variety of activities:

1. Friday night bible study: we meet at 8pm in the library to study God’s Word. A group of rotating leaders start the discussion by asking probing questions about Scripture. We then break up into small groups and wrestle with the meaning of the passage. Finally, we share how God’s Word apply to our lives. Bible study usually last 1.5 to 2 hours. The atmosphere is engaging- often lively, humorous, honest, and sometimes deeply affecting.

2. Weeknight devotional groups: some of us meet via Google hangout or WeChat several times a week to keep each other accountable about having consistent quiet time with God. There are three groups of 5-10 members. Each group spend time in prayer, sharing of life experiences, and study of Scripture. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen our relationships with God and with one another.

3. Community outreach: some of us serve breakfast to the homeless people in the Hartford area on Saturday mornings at South Church. We do this about once a month. We start at 7am and end around 8:45am. Members from Agape fellowship often go to a local restaurant and enjoy breakfast with one another afterwards. This is a wonderful opportunity partner with other churches to show God’s love to the needy.

4. Social gatherings: we try to form friendships through a variety of fun activities. We meet approximately every six weeks for potluck dinner at a member’s house where we enjoy an abundance of home cooked Chinese food. We organize gatherings during important Chinese and American holidays. We coordinate outings to visit local attractions. Examples include day trips to go apple picking in the fall as well as longer camping trips to Arcadia national park during the summer. We also try to meet with each other on Sunday afternoons/nights to hang out.