In the early 1970’s, a group of Chinese Christians in the Greater Hartford area met regularly for Bible study and fellowship. In May of 1977, under the guidance of our Lord God, we started the Sunday Worship Service using Mandarin and Cantonese at the chapel of First Baptist Church of West Hartford. Rev. and Mrs. Charles Kwok of the Calvary Baptist Church in New Haven came to West Hartford every Sunday to assist and to preach. At the time, there were about 15-20 people participating every week.

Since the Church was growing, in 1981, we officially organized and named ourselves “The Chinese Baptist Church of Greater Hartford”. In 1983, the Church had its first full-time pastor Mr. Paul Wong leading the worship service, and biblical teaching as well as providing pastoral care to the congregation. Rev. Wong, ordained in 1988, stayed with the Church until 1996. By that time, the Church had grown to about 100 people. In addition to the Sunday Worship Service, other activities such as Bible study, choir, women’s fellowship, monthly family meetings at member’s home, prayer meeting, and luncheon were all started. Youth Groups on Friday nights were also started under the leadership of Victor Liang and Barry Luke. The Church is also actively participating in the annual summer retreat joining other Chinese Christian churches in Southern New England.

The English ministry formally started in 1992 when a group of high school students at CBCGH felt a calling to gather together to study the bible. This bible study started with 3 people and has grown to be what became known as the youth group. The weekly studying of God’s word has served as a solid foundation over the years on which to base other ministries such as hosting the New England Chinese Christian Conference, praise nights and other activities. In March of 1999, an English speaking worship service was started. This worship service originated out of a growing need for the youth group of the church to worship in a language that was most natural to them. The English worship service flourished under the guidance of Mr. Victor Liang who was appointed as Assistant Pastor, and a core group of servants who worked along side of him to provide services such as praise and worship, ushering, Sunday School etc. Since then the group has grown tremendously and is now the hosts about 75 attendees every Sunday morning ranging from middle school, college, young adults and families.

The Young Professionals group was started in 2001 as a growing number of college graduates began to appear on the scene in the Hartford area and needed a place for fellowship and teaching. In 2010 the Young Families group was formed as more couples began to have children,

In late 2002, CBCGH was happy to welcome its first English pastor, Tim West and his wife Liz, to serve and to lead this body of Christ as God continues to unravel His sovereign plan. Beginning 2005, the Cantonese congregation began its ministry.  Between 2008 and 2013, Pastor Francis Yung ministered to the Cantonese congregation and was succeeded by Rev. Terry Fung in 2014. Pastor HaoHsin Huang ministered to the Mandarin congregation between 2011 and 2014. Pastor Kaiyuan Ger has been ministering to the Mandarin congregation since the beginning of 2015.