Mission Committee

We gave our thankful hearts to our Lord who allowed us to serve and learn how to be a faithful servant to Him. Through our services, we were able to witness God’s miraculous guidance.

Leader: Lily Chuang

We wrapped up the year of 2017 with many memorable events and high lights.
1) Will Meng and few brother s and sisters went to a Christian Asian American Conference, Radiant, held in Westborough, Mass. during 2/10-2/12.
2) Amy Zhao, Travis, Tricia and Will also attended the Servup at Barton Rouge, LA in March. They worked on tearing down houses and rebuild. The group consisted of 50% Christian believer and 50% non-believers. One of the topic that was discussed in this trip is about: Justice and God’s Fairness. CBCGH Mission Committed supported these attendees to the event.
3) Cindy Chen joined Intervarsity to be a staff member stationed at Central Connecticut State University. In the beginning she had concerns about able to raise the needed funding. With the support from many individuals and CBCGH mission committee had approved her to be on the mission support list starting January 2018, God had provided what she needed. Now she is an official staff in campus ministry.
4) Andy Liu and Lily Chuang with other 24 brother and sisters from other churches joined the 2017 COCM Easter Camp in Milton Keynes.
5) Yi Ken finished his full time service at the Village Gospel in November, while Mian Yuan is pursuing her MDIV and counseling study in Taiwan since May. Her study may take 2-3 years.
6) The Hartford Project took place this summer. Our church had about 14 young people attended. It is an annual short term mission opportunity for our church’s young people to participate in helping the inner city needs, such as for the homeless people.
7) Kola and Olivia Aina became parents of 2 kids in October. They will be back to the states in May, 2018 in preparation to pursue study in Gordon Conwall seminary for MDIV degree.
8) Joe and May Rao came back to visit in August. Their contract with COCM will end in 2018. Please pray for their searching of God’s guidance in making the decision on their next mission ministry location.
9) CBCGH participated the Dragon Boat festival on 8/19/17 in the Riverfront Capture. We have a booth there to give out tracks and balloons.
10) Brother Min-Fa Huang from Bethel Renewal Center was this year’s mission conference speaker on 10/22. The theme was: Highway to Zion. One session is dedicated to look into the influential life of the missionaries: Martin Luther, Robert Morrison, Hudson Taylor and C.S. Yang. He also introduced the 2018 short term mission opportunity to Kyrgyzstan, a Muslim Country where C.S. Yang has established Christian schools (elementary, high school and college) and orphanage.
11) In light of the CBCGH is moving into its own worship facility in Bloomfield, the mission committee made tremendous effort to constrain 2018 mission fund budget and yet still able to support our own missionaries (Kola & Olivia Aina, Joe & May Rao, Cindy Chen) needed funding adequately.

We wrapped up the year of 2016 with many memorable events taking place this year.
1) Will Meng, Cindy Chen, Sharon Fong and Lulu Kuo joined the short term mission trip to ServeUp at New Orleans sponsored by Intervarsity at UCONN from 3/11- 3/20
2) Brother Yi-Ken Tsui left to serve in the Village Gospel in April as a full time staff
3) During March (3/24/16-3/28/16), 3 people (Yan-Hu Guo,Zai-Hao Wang and Lily Chuang) joined with 23 other brothers and sisters to attend the COCM Easter Mandarin Student Discipleship camp at Milton Keynes, England. We were all touched by the amazing power of the Holy Spirit.
4) Will Meng joined the beach evangelical summer program sponsored by Campus Outreach in South Carolina on 6/8/16. Will also worked in McDonald during the day to supplement his needs. The program was ended on 7/28/16. The short term mission trip was not only an evangelism seed planting event, it also helped individual participant’s spiritual growth tremendously.
5) Youth Group about 12 people joined a short term mission trip sponsored by YWAM to Ensenada, Mexico (6/23-6/30). The short team mission team conducted street ministry. Prior to arriving at Mexico, they were trained to gather crowds, performing drama, share Gospel in Spanish. Pastor West and Jiang Hong Lee were the chaperons.
6) ESC joined a week long Hartford Project in July (7/10-7/14)。 JunLing Yang and Fred Choi were the chaperons for this team.
7) Belle Chu, Nathan, Duan Don, Xenia Wong and Stella Tse went to the Summer English Camp held at Pei-Tian Culture Center in Fu-Jian Province to help the Left Behind Children (7/9-7/16).
8) Tim Shine came to share with CBCGH of his ministry on 7/22.
9) Joe Rao and May Chu came back to visit with us in August. While they were in Hartford, they had many gatherings with brothers and sisters. Joe graduated this July from London Seminary of Theology (L.S.T.) and will start student ministry at London at LSE (London School of Economics) and UCL (University of College of London).
10) As in past years, CBCGH participated the Annual Dragon Boat festival in August. Many brothers and sisters from ESC volunteered with the members from Hartford City Church to evangelize the Good News that had made this year’s event extremely effective and fruitful. Special thanks to sister Xenia Wong and Joyce Wong from Hartford City Church ‘s cooperation in this event.
11) In the late October (10/28/16-10/30/16), Rev. Dr. Titus Loong (龍维耐医生)came to CBCGH from Hong Kong to lead a three days Mission Conference. This year’s theme topic is ” Capture Today’s Opportunity 把握现今机会)” from Ephesians 5:15-17. During the mission conference, about 12 brothers and sisters responded to God’s calling and pledged that they will serve the Lord in the Mission Field in their life time for at least one year time in accumulative fashion..
12) Brother Zai-Hao Wang went to COCM to join the Year End Student camp.