05/19/20 CBCGH牧師和執事會就新冠疫情致會員書 Letter to CBCGH members regarding COVID-19 pdf

05/24/20 Covid-19救助基金会众报告 Relief Fund Report docx

05/18/20 Covid-19救助基金-捐赠食物小组 Relief Fund-Food Distribution Team Announcement docx

05/17/20 Covid-19救助基金会众报告 Relief Fund Report docx

05/09/20 Covid-19救助基金会众报告 Relief Fund Report docx

05/02/20 Covid-19救助基金会众报告 Relief Fund Report docx

04/26/20 Covid-19救助基金会众报告 Relief Fund Report docx

04/12/20 Covid-19救助基金会众报告 Relief Fund Report docx

Covid-19救助基金 Relief Fund pdf

奉献/Offerings    邮寄信息/Mail information...

While the church is closed and all worship services, bible study and fellowships are being conducted online due to the COVID-19 crisis, please mail your offerings directly to the church:
Checks payable to: CBCGH
Address: 160 Wintonbury Ave, Bloomfield, CT 06002
由於COVID-19危機,教會關閉. 所有主日崇拜,查經班和團契仍在網上進行,請直接將您的奉獻郵寄給教會.
支票抬头至: CBCGH
地址: 160 Wintonbury Ave, Bloomfield, CT 06002

3/27/2020 Church Closed until April 22, 2020 pdf

03/14/20 Letter to CBCGH members regarding the impact of COVID-19 (新型冠状病毒) pdf
牧师、执事会决议/Resolution of Pastors and Deacon Board...

牧师和执事会一直在密切关注 COVID-19(新冠状病毒)的发展情况。由于特朗普总统昨天宣布了 国家紧急状态,而州长拉蒙特也宣布了康乃狄克州紧急状态,牧师和执事会今天早上决定取消星期日3/15的主日崇拜。为了更好地保护教会的弟兄姐妹,我们做出以下决定:

  • 从3月15日星期日开始,取消三月份的周日教会敬拜,包括3/22号和3/29号。
  • 周五晚上的教会活动将无限期取消,立即生效。
  • 周日主日学无限期取消,立即生效
  • 周日午餐将无限期取消,立即生效
  • 教堂关闭,直至另行通知

为了代替在教会的聚会,我们准备进行网络形式的聚会(敬拜和讲道)。各堂的执事会将网络形 式的聚会事项和弟兄姐妹们联系。我们鼓励弟兄姐妹参加以网络的崇拜,主日学,圣经学习和团 契以保持联系。另外您有事的话也可以和牧师们预约时间沟通。请提前致电或发送电子邮件给我 们的牧师。

此外,我们呼吁每个兄弟姐妹在这个艰难的时期提供帮助给那些需要帮助的人。对于年老,生病, 脆弱的弟兄以及那些可能无法使用电子邮件的人,如果需要帮助,例如运送杂货和其他商品,请 告知他们联系牧师或执事。

执事会将继续关注形势,并将通过教堂的官方网站和电子邮件交流最新情况。有关如何更好地保 护自己和周围的人,请参阅网页 CDC 网页和 CT 网页


The Pastors and Deacon Board have been carefully monitoring the developing situation regarding COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. With the recent declaration of a National Emergency by President Trump and a State Emergency declared by Governor Lamont, the Pastors and Board of Deacons decided this morning to cancel the in-person service for this coming Sunday, 3/15. In addition, we have implemented the following measures to protect members of the church:
● Starting this coming Sunday, March 15, church will be cancelled through March 29
● Friday night activities are cancelled indefinitely with immediate effect
● Sunday school is cancelled indefinitely with immediate effect
● Sunday lunch service is cancelled indefinitely with immediate effect
● The church building is closed until further notice
In lieu of the in-person gathering, worship and sermon will now be held online when available. Each ministry deacon will inform their respective ministry members on the readiness and specifics of the online service. We encourage all members to join the online worship service, Sunday School, Bible Study and fellowship to stay connected. The pastors are available by appointment as well. Please call or email our Pastors ahead of time before showing up at the church.
Additionally, we are calling on each brother and sister to assist those who are in need during these trying times. For the elderly, ill, vulnerable brethren, and those who may not have access to email, please inform them to contact the pastors or deacons if they need any help, such as delivering grocery and other commodities.
The board will continue to monitor the situation and will communicate updates via the official church website and each respective ministry’s email distribution. For more information on how best to protect yourself and those around you, please refer to the CDC website and the Connecticut websites:
Thank you and please pray for the church, our community, our nation and the world as a whole.
The Pastors and Deacons of CBCGH

弟兄姐妹有急需的请告知教会   求助联系方式/Contact for help...

各位弟兄姐妹, 如果你有任何食物、生活必须品或者是医药必须品方面的急需,而自己无法补充,需要协助的话,教会会安排弟兄姐妹去帮助你,请尽快通知牧师 (860-305-7735)、执事、或者是你所参加团契的联络,我们将尽快补足你的需要。如果你需要联络医疗机构,但是有语言方面的困难,或者是不知道向那一个医疗机构联络的话,请你联络Wendy (860-305-9693) 师母。愿神保守大家平安健康。 开元牧师